Thursday, January 3, 2008

Winter's Garden of Verse

Because it is well below zero today in our frozen Wisconsin North Country--I turn to the garden of my books to read, and dream and muse and celebrate. January 1st was the release of my 12th mystery suspense novel with Wings ePress, Inc since 2007. As I look at the framed covers decorating my wall, I think how like a garden of printed words they are. Each cover a flower of its own ilk, yet they are all similar because they are written by me. I think I should get a rose or some other very notable flower to represent each book in my garden.

Each book is linked to a local organization or charity that I donate a percentage of my profits to, so why not also link it to a flower. Small Town Secrets could easily be linked to the daisy - the petals of which often tell the secret - he loves me, he loves me not... so it does seem perfect for my new release. The non fiction book I just published Spice Up Your Writing! Write to Entice, could be a small herb garden, or the white rose that graces this book's cover.

I do not believe that gardening is that different from writing. You plant a seed, you watch it grow. When it is full grown, you harvest it and consume the proceeds. So it is with writing a novel. You plant an idea seed, you nurture it and write it everyday until it is fully grown. You then harvest it by sending it off to a publisher at just the right moment in its development. Hopefully, it will receive and acceptance letter and I will be ready to plant the next seed.

So when the winds howl around you, grab a good book (preferably one of mine) stoke up the fire in the fireplace and read until you can plant your own seed either through the printed word or your own one woman's garden.

check out the blog tour for my new release by going to my website at and clicking on the blog tour link - when you get the date from the calendar, scroll down and click on the link to the persons blog (or click on their name) and read an interview with me. Each one as different as a wild flower garden--and you could get a cook book or some other great prize if you comment on their blog.


JanetElaineSmith said...

When I think of your books and flowers, my mind automatically goes to Pink Lady Slippers. I love lady slippers, whether they are the pink or the yellow variety. Growing up in the middle of the Chippewa National Forest in MN, they grew wild. We were not allowed to pick them, but my dad transplanted some of them into my mom's flower garden. My grandmother Hallett always won the grand prize at the Itasca Co. Fair. If only I had inherited her green thumb, instead of the black one I seem to have gotten stuck with. Loved your comparisons.
Janet Elaine Smith

coral54 said...

Your Winter's Garden Of Verse is a breathe of fresh, sunshiney air. I am sitting here listening to the rain and wind storm pounding on my roof, thinking of sweet lavender scent. Thank you, and soon I will be grabbing a book to read as I wait for Spring.