Saturday, January 24, 2009

Did You Know?


1. Earthworms were wiped out by the last Ice Age in North America, but they were restored in the 1600s and beyond when they were stowaways in the soil of plants brought to America by the early settlers. Pioneers were involuntary carriers when they moved west with hitch hiking earthworms on cocoons attached to wagons and horses hooves.
2. The ancient Greeks believed that eating garlic increased strength and endurance. It was an important part of the military diet.
3. Pistachios were dyed red in the United States in the early 20th century to draw attention to them in vending machines. In Turkey the nuts were soaked in saltwater and lemon juice to give them flavor. The aside to that process turned the nuts brown skin crimson.
4. Great Britain and Ireland are the only places in Europe where bacon is traditionally served for breakfast.
5. Starting in the 1930s California began growing the Paste Tomato commercially. Tillie Lewis, a New York business woman was the first to convince growers to cultivate Italian pomodoro paste tomatoes commercially in the United States. Formerly, conventional wisdom told growers that the soil would not support the fruit of the tomato.