Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's More Than Just Printed Words

It’s More Than Just News Print
by Billie A Williams

There is another use for the printed word besides wrapping fish, or lining the bird cage, with that newspaper that is. And only after you’ve read it of course and if you aren’t using it for fire starter for your wood stove or fireplace as you curl up with a good book. [Plug here: Small Town Secrets, ISBN 978-1-59705-766-0 released January 1, 2008 available anywhere books are sold. Wings ePress, Inc. www.wings-press.com]

How about saving a stack of newspaper to use as mulch in your garden this spring. No matter what it looks like out your window today, at least in North America, spring is right around the corner. We’re dreaming about it as we leaf through seed catalogs our order blanks filling up with all the nutrition and beauty our budgets can handle. Or as we begin cleaning and arranging, preparing to begin those seedlings that will later be transplanted to the garden.

Three alternating layers of single sheets of newspaper are adequate to aid in saving the moisture your plants will need in the hot dry July’s of your summer garden. Covering the sheets of newspapers with up to three inches of grass clippings will keep those shallow rooted plants from cooking in the sun and moisture loving plants thirst quenched. The Zink in the ink (I sound like a poet) will deter weeds while helping to maintain soil moisture and texture. You can shred the newspaper if you prefer and add it to your compost heap. As it breaks down it will add bulk and Zink to your compost.

Here is another helpful winter tip that will show spring benefits: Ease up on the use of ice melt or salt to keep your walks and driveway skid proof. Instead, use sawdust, sand, or fireplace and woodstove ashes. They provide the traction without the salt that can be harmful to lawn grass and flower beds.
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Billie A Williams
Pens In Motion

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