Thursday, September 9, 2010

Goldenrod - Friend or Foe?

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I had never thought of deliberately planting Goldenrod in or among my flower beds. When I see the beautiful bouquets Mother Nature makes on the road beds as we travel from town to town, I wonder at my wisdom. I equate Goldenrod with hayfever--sneezing, wheezing, itchy eyed culprit? Am I wrong?

I could be...could it be that it's the ragweed that blooms so near, that blooms so readily at the same time as the beautiful, butterfly attracting Goldenrod? The Goldenrod loves full sun, and nearly any soil--but a light soil works best, like the road banks along our country roads. Its tall, it blooms for a long time and at a time when our flower beds are looking tired and in need of a spark of sunlight. I'm rethinking my garden design. I don't need only Black Eyed Susan's and yellow mums, or coneflowers - why not Goldenrod? I'm sure I can find a spot that cries for color and longevity of bloom. Organic Gardening (2-year)

You can even find sources for seeds for a variety of Goldenrod types such as Forestfarm, in Williams, Oregon at or how about Michigan Wildflower Farm, in Portland Michigan, 

I believe the lowly Goldenrod's time has come to be brought back out of hiding. The bees, the butterflies will thank you. It seems our bumblebees are disappearing, perhaps we can reintroduce a few native plants and invite them back.

Let me know if you agree or disagree. Will you try it next summer?
Billie A Williams


Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

Billie, a quick thank you for listing my Frugal Editor ( on your blog. I just followed your neat blog. Great job!
Carolyn Howard-Johnson
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Word Crafter said...

Thanks Carolyn you are always so Kind. I love Frugal - it's so dog eared I should buy another copy but you know how a book gets like a good friend you hate to trade it in. Thanks for visiting.