Monday, August 30, 2010

Fall - what of the trees in your garden

I count trees as part of my garden because the shade bed includes a maple, a willow, a blue spruce and a smoke tree, there is another but for the life of me I can't find out what it is. The birds love it. Now there is another brand new maple on the far side of this bed. The hosta, lily of the valley, bleeding hearts(two varieties) klonchoes on the fringes, and impatiens all find this a good spot to be. Today a large branch of that willow came crashing down...soon the other trees will have to take over to cast the cooling shade that this one did. My husband says it needs to come down, carpenter ants have eaten a hole in the center of it and it's just a matter of time.

So while cleaning up the garden for fall is still a ways off, October is soon enough--I must ponder the loss of my favorite tree. This year I planted a Pear, a Mountain Ash and an Apricot, and the small red maple - but, none can replace my willow. I may have to borrow the one from my friends book, she painted it for the cover of all three of her books, Willow Walk is SK Hamilton's work to match what God created in the real world.
The Kahill's of Willow Walk will need to take my Willow's place.The Kahills of Willow Walk


Sylvia Kaye Hamilton said...

Aww...You're more than welcome to share my willow tree. It's big enough for both of us. Thanks, dear one, for mentioning my book. Willow trees are indescribably beautiful. They have a certain charm that no other tree has.

Anyway...perhaps you can plant another one in the same spot. Your blog is wonderful and tells so much about you. Anyone who loves trees and animals is a wonderous person.

Pee Wee (SK Hamilton)

Word Crafter said...

Thank you for your kind words Pee Wee. I love the covers you painted for your books. There is still a portion of this tree alive, but yes, I will get a new one to take it's place. I would be lost without it.